• Tyler Hooks

Wins From The Weekend: May 29th-31st

Check out some of the results from the weekend!

Thornhill Racing Circuit:

Jared Tebo TQ and 1st Ebuggy and Nitro Buggy Tyler Hooks 3rd Ebuggy and Nitro Buggy

Shaws's RC:

Spencer Klein TQ and 1st Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy, 2nd Ebuggy

Eddie Doggett 4th Nitro Truggy, 5th Nitro Buggy

Furulunds RCK:

Jessica Palsson TQ and 1st 4wd Buggy

City View Raceway:

Tyler Noon: 2nd Ebuggy

Donnie Baker: 3rd Nitro Buggy

Spirit Controlled Raceway

Joey Bourdon 1st Ebuggy, 3rd and TQ Nitro Buggy Paul Ciccarello 2nd and TQ Ebuggy, 1st Nitro Buggy


Enzo Albertoni 1st Nitro Buggy

CRC Raceway:

Jamie Grayek TQ and 1st Nitro Buggy

ROAR Region 2 Qualifier Adrenaline Raceway:

Joe Fiocca TQ and 1st 40+ Ebuggy

City View Raceway:

Joe Swisher 1st in Nitro Truggy, 3rd in Etruggy

Brown's Raceway:

Tristan Beiter TQ and 1st Nitro Buggy

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