• Tyler Hooks

Wins From The Weekend: March Week 3

Updated: Mar 26

Team Associated Spring Off-Road Shootout: Jared Wiggins: 1st Ebuggy, 2nd 4wd Buggy

Dalton Balboa: 2nd Ebuggy, 1st 4wd Buggy, 1st Mini Truggy

Kayty Roxberry: 3rd Mini Truggy, 5th Ebuggy

Hobby Shop Series Round 4: Andres Segreda: 2nd Nitro Buggy

Clay's Hobby Shop: William Sing: 1st Ebuggy, 4th Nitro Buggy

The Tekno Race at SmacTrac: Matt Kesl: 1st Stock Buggy, 3rd Mod Buggy

Southern Off-Road Series: Lee Flowers: 3rd Open Buggy

Snap-Hard at The Warehouse

Joseph Wilkerson: 1st Pro Buggy, 2nd Expert Ebuggy Jerrid Wright: 1st Sportsman Ebuggy

SNOR Hermosillo: Iram Torres: 4th Ebuggy and 4th Truggy

World of Seven Series Finals

Brandon Sloan: 3rd Mini Truggy (Finals), 5th 13.5 Wheeler (Overall)

Thornhill Championship Series:

Ethan Lefebvre: 1st Ebuggy and Nitro Buggy

Aiden Ferrell: 3rd Nitro Buggy, 3rd Ebuggy, 1st Etruggy

Nick Cattuna: 4th Nitro Buggy

Nick Vanderpool: 2nd Etruggy, 1st Nitro Truggy

Josh Gibson: 3rd Nitro Truggy

RC Pro South Oval Round 1: Tyler Hooks: 2nd Open Sprint, 3rd Midwest Mod

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