• Tyler Hooks

Wins From The Weekend: March Week 2

Tekno Winter Series: Overall Series:

Mitchell Pavel: 4th Ebuggy, 7th Nitro Buggy

Jared Tebo: 2nd Nitro Buggy, 2nd Ebuggy

Greg Baumel: 1st Nitro Truggy

Final Race:

Greg Baumel: 1st Truggy

Jared Tebo: 3rd Buggy

Steven Will: 2nd Mini Truck

Epic RC Racing Complex: Jeremy Hopkins: 2nd Etruggy

Palmetto Classic: Enzo Albertoni: TQ and 1st 2wd Mod, TQ and 1st 4wd Mod

Brandon Sloan: 40+ Mod 5th, Mini Truggy 4th, Indy 17.5 3rd

RC Pro West Round 1: Wyatt Beiter: 1st Expert Buggy, 2nd Truggy

Sean Trainer: 3rd Expert Buggy, 3rd Truggy

Joshua Vigil: 1st Expert Ebuggy

Jacob Vigil: 3rd Etruggy

Brian Martinez: 1st Sportsman Ebuggy

Gary Wright: 1st 4wd Buggy

Delta RC Winter Series Finals: Matthew Doughty: 2nd Truggy

Browns: Gavin Gibler: Ebuggy 1st place

Desert Classic: Sammy Moran: 3rd Stock Stadium Truck

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