• Tyler Hooks

Wins From the Weekend June 26th - 28th

Border Wars:

Sean Trainer - TQ and 1st Nitro Truggy

Kyle Troudt - 1st Etruggy

Cody Taylor - 2nd Nitro Truggy

Brian Beck - 4th Truggy and 5th Nitro Buggy

Graham Hill - 3rd Nitro Buggy and 4th Ebuggy

Jimmy Depres - 4th Nitro Buggy


Carlos Arredondo Jr. - 2nd 4wd Mod Buggy

Adrenaline Raceway Spring Points Series: Joe Fiocca - 1st 40+ Ebuggy

FX of Nitro: Joe Fiocca - 2nd 40+ Ebuggy

Snap Hard Racing League: Sean Chambers - 3rd Mod Buggy

Angie Mitchell Memorial Race: Andrew Baughman - 3rd Ebuggy

NC State Race:

Tyler Noon - 2nd 2wd Buggy

BB Mods Oval Race: Alex Fanning - 1st Outlaw Sprint, 1st SC Modified, 1st Midwest Modified

Jason Howard - 2nd Outlaw Sprint

RC Pro 1/8th North Round 2:

Austin James - 5th Open Ebuggy and 2nd Expert Etruggy Spencer Klein - 4th Pro Ebuggy

Eddie Doggett - 3rd 40+ Buggy and 5th Expert Truggy

Tyler Hooks - 1st Pro Nitro Buggy, 1st Expert Truggy and 3rd Pro Ebuggy

Thomas Hinton - 2nd Open Nitro Buggy

Jake French - 5th Pro Ebuggy

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