• Tyler Hooks

Wins From The Weekend: July 24th - 26th

Border Wars R2: Kyle Troudt: 1st Nitro Truggy, TQ and 2nd Etruggy, 4th Ebuggy

LRC Raceway:

Lars Johnson: TQ and 1st Nitro Buggy, 2nd Ebuggy

RJD Raceway Opener: Gary Wright: 2nd Nitro Buggy

MDA Tri-State Race: Mike Chiudioni: 2nd Ebuggy Novice: Gino, Cody, and Mini Chiudioni: 1-3

Bego Raceway: Guillaume Tremblay: 1st Nitro Buggy, 1st Ebuggy, 2nd Truggy

Illinois State Champs: Tyler Pattenaude: 1st 13.5 Wheeler, 2nd 17.5 Buggy

NCT Round 2: Taylor Wonders: 1st Electric Buggy, 2nd Nitro Buggy

Ohio State Champs: Cody Hogle: 1st Truggy

Joey Bourdon: 1st Nitro Buggy, 3rd Ebuggy

Browns Raceway: Gavin Gibler: 1st Ebuggy

JBRL Controlled Chaos: Jeremy Hase: 4th 13.5 Truck Carlos Arredondo Jr.: 3rd 4wd Mod Buggy, 3rd 2wd Mod Buggy

RC Pro East Round 1: Tyler Hooks: 1st Pro Ebuggy, 4th Pro Nitro Buggy

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