• Tyler Hooks

Wins From the Weekend: February Week 1

Chi-Town: Max Cramer: 3rd Stock Stadium Truck, 6th Stock Buggy

Tom Postalwait: 4th Stock Stadium Truck, 7th Mod Truck

Jake Blood: 1st Stock SC Paul Ciccarello: 1st 40+ Mod Buggy, 3rd 13.5 Wheeler

JBRL: Greg Degani: 1st 40+ Buggy

Fajardo Electric Championship: Alejandro Fagundo: 1st 2wd and 4wd Buggy

Nitro Compound: Joe Schmitz: 2nd Ebuggy

Daren Olney: 3rd Ebuggy

The Toy Box: Steven Will: 1st Mini Truggy

Thornhill Club Race: Tyler Hooks: 1st Buggy, 3rd Nitro Buggy Dean Vinson: 2nd Nitro Buggy

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