• Tyler Hooks

Wins From The Weekend: December 4th - 6th

SNOR Series Vallarta:

Tito Castro: TQ and 1st Buggy, 4st Ebuggy, 6th Truggy Iram Torres: TQ and 7th Truggy, 2nd Nitro Buggy, 3rd Overall Series Ebuggy, 3rd Overall Series Nitro Buggy

Callahan Classic: Adam Sippel: 1st Midwest Modified, 3rd and TQ Outlaw Sprint

Oval Club Race: Derrick Moore: 1st SC Late Model

Alpha Club Race: Joshua Dawson: Stock Buggy 3rd Place

FRL Round 2:

Chris Young: Stadium Truck TQ and 1st

Snap Hard Series: Cole Kasten: TQ and 1st Nitro Buggy

Thornhill Series Finals: Ethan Lefebvre: 3rd Nitro Buggy, 1st Series Nitro Buggy, 1st Series Ebuggy

Tyler Hooks: 2nd Nitro Buggy, TQ Ebuggy

Jared Wiggins: 1st Nitro Buggy

Spencer Harrison: 2nd Series Nitro Buggy and 2nd Series Ebuggy

Aiden Ferrell: 3rd Series Nitro Buggy, 3rd Series Ebuggy

Matt Gray: 4th Series Nitro Buggy

John Stowell: 1st Series Nitro Truggy

Mason Lay: 2nd Series Nitro Truggy

Santos Rodriguez: 3rd Series Nitro Truggy, 2nd Truggy

Nick Vanderpool: 1st Nitro Truggy and 3rd Etruggy

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