• Tyler Hooks

What Makes AKA Products Awesome?

We asked some of our team guys what they liked about the brand and this is what they had to say!

"Support is top notch, they actually care and want feedback. Innovation, always looking to improve. Most of all is believing in the future and giving young guys like me a real shot in the hobby. Nothing but love for AKA." -Spencer Klein

"The people in the office that make it all happen are the best part of being with AKA. We been on like 8-9 years. They are always taking care of us little people. Jeremy Hase Pres Ilog and Joel Johnson you guys rock!" -Doug Fales

"Teamwork and the ability to converse and work with the folks behind the brand/company." -Isaiah Keene

"The helpfulness of all of the team members. No matter what race you are at everyone is more than helpful to figure out your tire game." -Max Cramer

"The comradery that we share amongst eachother. The support that's always just a message away, and having the best company to represent. The AKA logo is one that I'm proudest to have upon my vehicle and my chest at races." -Tony Nesbitt

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