• Tyler Hooks

The AMS 2020 Race Report

This was the first big race weekend for our exciting new Scribble Truggy tire. Jared Tebo was able to take it to a Pro Truggy win, but that wasn't the only win for AKA Products. Check out all the results from the team. #RaceAKA #WorldClassProducts #WorldClassTeam

Pro Nitro Buggy Results 3. Jared Tebo 14. Jared Wiggins

Pro Nitro Truggy Results 1. Jared Tebo

9. Jared Wiggins

13. Spencer Klein

Pro E-Buggy Results 10. Jared Tebo

15. Joey Bourdon

40+ Nitro Buggy Results 1. Rob Gleason

40+ E-Buggy Results 3. Rob Gleason

E-Truggy Results 1. Jared Wiggins (TQ) 5. Peyton Puckett

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