• Tyler Hooks

Southern Nationals 2020 Tire Prep

It is the week of the 2020 Southern Nationals so we thought it would be a good time to put out some tire recommendations for the event. These are actually going to be fairly similar to Psycho Nitro Blast.

In the past we haven't needed anything harder than SSLW at this event so these recommendations are based on the events past which have been extremely similar year to year. For the inevitable question of what about scribbles, there will very likely be too much dust for those.

Buggy: Early Practice: May need to start with a set of Ultra Soft P1s just to get the track figured out when it is super wet. Then likely SSLW Gridirons IIs for the rest of the day.

Late Practice: May be beneficial to try a set of SSLW Enduros or Double Downs but could very easily still be on SSLW Gridiron IIs.

Qualifying: Will ultimately depend on how the track develops so it would be good to have SSLW Grids and Double Downs ready, and as said earlier maybe some SSLW Enduros.

Mains: If it is anything like last year a SSLW Zipp front Double Down/Catapult/Gridiron rear will likely be the way to go.


Practice: SSLW Gridirons

Qualifying: Likely SSLW Gridirons maybe with a transition to SSLW Impacts

Mains: SSLW Impacts

*Please remember that these are just recommendations and conditions are definitely subject to change.*

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