• Tyler Hooks

Pyscho Nitro Blast Tire Prep

The Psycho Nitro Blast is coming up, time to figure out what to have on hand for the trip back to Tennessee. Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on running the event in April, so we plan to have harder compounds ready just in case of higher temperatures.

Jared Tebo Recommendations:

Buggy - Jared recommends having a set or two of Ultra Soft P1's for early in practice when the track is wet before a groove forms, then straight to SSLW Gridiron II. Once grip comes up more then SSLW Double Downs.

Given that Scribbles weren't an option last year he plans to have a couple of sets in SSLW SLW and Clay to test with. He also recommends having some SLW Double Downs if the heat and tire wear ends up being higher this year.

Truggy - Jared recommended just having some SSLW and SLW Gridirons in the bag. SSLW for early on and SLW depending on the grip level late in qualifying and the mains.

Ryan Lutz Recommendations:

Buggy - Ryan ended up running SSLW Catapults and Double Downs most of the weekend opting for the Catapults in Nitro Buggy and the Double Downs in Ebuggy.

He also plans to have some scribbles in different compounds with him as well as some SLW tires just in case.

Truggy - Ryan mimicked Jared saying that he only planned on having SSLW and SLW Gridirons.

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