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Learning About Tire Combinations

We have been receiving some questions about guys running different tires on the front versus the rear of the cars and trucks. Here are some combinations to try once we can get back to the tracks for practice and testing.

1/8th Buggy:

The AKA Products Zipps have emerged as probably the most versatile tire for using in combination with other tires. The Zipps when used on the front of the buggy are extremely consistent and can make the car feel a bit more mellow for long mains.

- Zipps/Double Downs - For abrasive surfaces with some dust where you can't run a bar tire this is a pretty standard main combination.

- Zipps/Catapults - The Catapults provide a little less overall grip than the Double Downs, but when the track is really rutted or choppy they tend to catch less ruts and glide over things.

- Impacts/Gridirons - The Impact is a little less edgy than Gridirons when tracks begin to gain abrasion, so before you make the jump to a Zipp or Double Down trying Impacts on the front and Gridirons on the rear is always an idea.

1/8th Truggy:

- Impacts/Gridirons - We really only do one tire combination for truggy, the Gridiron is generally the go to qualifying tire in truggy. For the mains though often you can't get away with running Gridirons all the way around, instead of having to make the switch over to full Impacts if the track isn't extremely abrasive you can likely get away with running Impacts on the front and Gridirons on the rear to retain a little more of that qualifying speed for the longer main events.

1/10th Buggy:

The Scribble is our newest tire offering and has shown to be a great versatile tire, but some drivers have found some combinations to use in different conditions.

- Typo/Scribble - Mounting a 2.4 Typo on a 2.2 wheel can give another front tire option to use in conjunction with the Scribbles on the rear. The Typo feels a little bit more direct and can be a little more responsive.

- Scribble/Crosslink - The carcass on the Crosslink is a little thicker than the Scribble so for those that run on tracks where they are grinding tires down to full slicks a Scribble front which is our widest tire option matched with the thicker rear Crosslink can offer a longer lasting slick that is more consistent.

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