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Epic 2021 Weekend 3 RaceAKA Results

Check out the results from The Chili Bowl, CRCRC 1/8th Scale, The Southern Indoor Championships, and The TNR Fuels Race!

The SIC: Pro Buggy: 5th Jared Tebo, 9th Tyler Hooks, 14th Jared Wiggins Pro Truggy: 1st Jared Tebo, 4th Ryan Lutz, 7th Jared Wiggins, 11th Tyler Hooks, 13th Joey Bourdon Pro Ebuggy: 3rd Jared Wiggins, 5th Ryan Lutz, 8th Jared Tebo, 11th Tyler Hooks

40+ Ebuggy: 1st Aaron Royston, 2nd Billy Tylaska

Intermediate Ebuggy: TQ and 3rd Chris Marrant, 4th Graham Hill

Intermediate Buggy: 4th Graham Hill, TQ Chris Marrant Intermediate Truggy: TQ Chris Marrant

Sportsman Ebuggy: 4th Justin Porter

The Chili Bowl: Late Model: 1st Doug Gaut, 2nd Brayden Smith, 3rd Alex Fanning

Midwest Modified: 1st Doug Gaut

Short Course Modified: 2nd Alex Fanning

TNR Fuels: Pro Buggy: 2nd Carlos Arredondo Jr.

Pro Ebuggy: 1st Carlos Arredondo Jr.

Expert Buggy: 1st Walker Spinrad

Expert Ebuggy: 1st Sammy Moran, 3rd Jeremy Hase

Expert Truggy: 1st Tyler Brown, 2nd Walker Spinrad

40+ Ebuggy: 2nd Jeremy Hase

CRCRC Midwest 1/8th Scale Championships: Pro Buggy: 2nd Adam Johnson, 3rd Mike Legue

Pro Ebuggy: 1st Gaven Gibler, 2nd Adam Johnson, 3rd Tristan Beiter Expert Truggy: 1st Andrew Grunkemeyer, 3rd Jamie Grayek 40+ Ebuggy: 1st Nathan Betley

Etruggy: Josh McDonald

4wdSC: Josh McDonald

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