• Tyler Hooks

Don't Forget About the Enduro

Gil Losi Jr. recently tasked some of the team guys with breaking the ole Enduro tire out to play with compared to some of the newer options. As tracks get bumpier and dustier we are always searching for traction and stability. The DoubleDown is always stable and pretty quick but isn't a huge fan of dust. The Catapult is extremely stable but isn't maybe the fastest tire.

Enter the Enduro. It's a pretty good tire all the way around, works well in dust, pretty quick, and pretty stable. It has much more potential when mated with other tires though as well.

When tracks start to make the transition towards a groove where a Gridiron on the front feels too aggressive, the Enduro is a great option to put on the front to tame the steering down a little bit while still providing good drive characteristics.

When the track gets even more aggressive and you are moving to a DoubleDown or a Zipp front tire the Enduro can be a very forgiving rear tire option as it handles dust better than the Double Down and is more reactive than a Catapult.

Long story short, don't forget the Enduro, it may not be the newest or most exciting tire but it is a fantastic option as we move into running different tire combinations.

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