• Tyler Hooks

AKA Products 1:8 Truggy Scribble

AKA Products is proud to announce the 1:8 Truggy version of their bestselling Scribble tire.  Based on the evolutionary tread design of the 1:10 Scribble, the 1:8 Truggy Scribble will reshape how you currently think about tread selection for all surfaces.  The innovative weave pattern of the Scribble lends support to the tread and allows for even tire wear across the surface of the tire.  The voids in the Scribble pattern allow it to grip  through light dust that accumulates during a race.  This weave pattern also features enough rubber in the design to make sure the tire will have the wear resistance to hold up run after run. The tread as been optimized for Truggy racing with a slightly taller and thinner tread to meet the desired grip and drivability needed to compete at the highest level. The Truggy Scribble features an all new carcass design for the Truggy line applying concepts learned from 1:10 scale racing which have ultimately allowed for a lighter overall tire without sacrificing carcass strength or durability. The 1:8 Truggy Scribble is designed to fit with all popular 1:8 scale truggy wheel options. 

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