• Tyler Hooks

AKA is More Than Tires

I don't know about you, but we at AKA Products think that red and black aluminum looks pretty sweet. Check out some of our favorite tools and accessories.

17mm Wheel Wrench:

Check out our black handled 17mm wheel wrench with a red accent where the wheel nut is inserted. Click Here

Double Play Nut Driver:

This is one of my personal favorite tools, having both a 5.5mm and a 7mm in one tool is extremely useful. Click Here

2 in 1 Wheel Balancer:

You can effectively balance both 12mm and 17mm hexes with one tool that easily fits in your tool box. Click Here

1/10th Scale Break-In Tool:

The new and improved break-in tool is now compatible with all 1/10th scale buggy and Stadium Truck tires. Click Here

The New Pro Multi-Tip Tire Punch

This tire punch is all new, and engraved with the AKA logo. The locking lever adds safety and longevity to the new tool. Click Here

AKA Tire Bands:

Not only do these work with 1/8th and 1/10th scale tires, but for those racers that travel, they are fantastic for keeping your plastic bins closed and secure. Click Here

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