• Tyler Hooks

2021 Psycho Nitro Blast AKA Products Team Results

Psycho Nitro Blast is a difficult one, sleep is hard to come by, the track is ever changing, and talent comes from out of the woodwork. Check out how the team did as a whole! #RaceAKA

Pro Buggy: Jared Tebo 4th, Ryan Lutz 13th

Pro Truggy: Jared Tebo 4th, Ryan Lutz 7th, Jared Wiggins 10th

Pro Ebuggy: Ryan Lutz 5th, Jared Tebo 12th, Jared Wiggins 13th, Tyler Hooks 16th, Joey Bourdon 18th

Etruggy: 2nd Buzzy Wright, 5th Joshua McDonald

Intermediate Ebuggy: 1st Mike Legue, 5th Chris Marrant

Intermediate Buggy: 1st Chris Marrant, 3rd Mike Legue

Intermediate Truggy: 2nd Chris Marrant

Sportsman Buggy: 3rd Matthew Kesl, 5th Matthew Tate

Sportsman Ebuggy: 2nd Matthew Tate

40+ Ebuggy: 1st Paul Ciccarello, 3rd Aaron Royston, 4th Nate Betley

40+ Nitro Buggy: 2nd Paul Ciccarello

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