• Tyler Hooks

2021 January Week 3 Results

RC Fun Park: Ryan Lutz: 2nd Nitro Buggy, 2nd Ebuggy

Dreighton Stoub: 1st Ebuggy

Jared Wiggins: 3rd Nitro Buggy

Joey Bourdon: 3rd Ebuggy

NIS Round 2

Jonny Deck: 3rd Stock Buggy

Bob Murphy: 1st 40+ 2wd Buggy, 4th Mod Buggy

SCRC Points Series: Mike Chiudioni: 1st Ebuggy

Mikey Chiudioni: 4th Novice

Gino DeSantis: 1st Nitro Buggy

Marco DeSantis: 3rd Novice

Isaiah Keene: 4th Nitro Buggy, 2nd Truggy

Cody Taylor: 1st Truggy

Lake Shore Showdown:

Paul Ciccarello: 1st 2wd and 4wd Mod Buggy Tristan Beiter: 1st Ebuggy

Bill Davis: 2nd 13.5 Wheeler, 3rd 17.5 Buggy

HobbyPlex Friday Night:

Christopher West: 1st 13.5 Wheeler

HobbyPlex Saturday Night: Christopher West: 3rd 13.5 Wheeler

SmacTrac Takeout Tuesday: Matt Kesl: 1st 2wd Mod Buggy, 1st 4wd Stock Buggy

G-Force Series: Austin Snyder: 1st Ebuggy, 4th Nitro Buggy

2021 Winter Classic: Mike Gibson: 4th 2wd SC, 4th 2wd ST

The Toy Box: Steven Will: 1st 4wd Truck, 3rd 13.5 4wd Buggy

Thornhill Final Layout Race:

Tyler Hooks: 1st Ebuggy, 3rd Nitro Buggy

Ethan Lefebvre: 1st Nitro Buggy

Nick Vanderpool: 1st Etruggy Avery Brown: 2nd Nitro Buggy B-Main

Bill DeLong: 1st SC

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