• Tyler Hooks

2020 Southern Nationals Race Report

Pro Nitro Buggy:

Jared Tebo grabbed 2nd running SSLW Zipp front tires and Impact rear tires. Ryan Lutz finished 4th on SSLW Zipp fronts and Enduro rears. Tyler Hooks finished 11th on SSLW Zipp fronts and Enduro rears.

Pro Ebuggy:

Jared Tebo finished 6th on SSLW Zipp/Impacts, Ryan Lutz finished 7th on SSLW Zipp/Enduros, Tyler Hooks finished 9th on SSLW Zipp/Enduros, and Joey Bourdon finished 16th on SSLW Zipp/Enduros.

Pro Truggy: Jared Tebo grabbed 3rd on SSLW impacts, Ryan Lutz finished 6th on SSLW impacts, and Joey Bourdon finished 11th on SSLW impact front and gridiron rears.

Intermediate Buggy:

1st Spencer Klein, 7th Chris Marrant, 9th Cedric Whitaker, 12th Thomas Hinton, and 16th Ralston Furstonberg

Intermediate Ebuggy:

3rd Spencer Klein, 8th Billy Tylaska, 9th Chris Marrant, and 12th Thomas Hinton

Intermediate Truggy:

3rd Chris Marrant and 6th Spencer Klein

Electric Truggy:

6th Peyton Puckett

40+ Buggy: 3rd Mike Battaile, 7th Eddie G., 9th Cedric Whitaker, 12th Keith West, and 14th Tim Bort

40+ Ebuggy:

2nd Mike Battaile, 3rd Billy Tylaska, 11th Keith West, 14th Tony Roney, and 15th Tim Smiley

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