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2020 Psycho Nitro Blast Results

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Big thank you to the entire team for attending the Psycho Nitro Blast as well as all of our customers and supporters, it was a a fantastic showing taking 5 class wins and multiple podiums over the course of the weekend. Check out all the results here! #RaceAKA #WorldClassProducts

Pro Nitro Buggy: Jared Tebo was able to grab the win in the Pro Nitro Buggy main on SSLW Double Downs, fantastic race craft and pace allowed Jared to grab the win ahead of an incredibly stacked field. In qualifying Jared used both SSLW Double Downs and Zipp/Grids personally preferring the Double Downs while other AKA Drivers preferred the Zipp/Grids.

Pro Truggy: Even with a flameout Jared Tebo was able to grab a 4th place finish on SSLW Gridirons.

Intermediate Nitro Buggy: Spencer Klein grabbed the win also on SSLW Double Downs.

Intermediate Truggy: Spencer Klein grabbed another win on SSLW Impacts with Chris Marrant finishing 2nd place.

15U Nitro Buggy: Joey Bourdon grabbed the win on SSLW Zipp/Grids with Spencer Klein finishing 3rd.

40+ Nitro Buggy: 2nd Paul Ciccarello

Etruggy: 4th Ty Payne on Gridirons

15U Ebuggy: Spencer Klein TQ and 4th, Ty Payne 5th

4WDSC: 3rd Corey McDaniel

Mini Truggy: 3rd Michael Stephens

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