• Tyler Hooks

1/10th Scale Clay Tire Guide

We have been working with our team drivers to come up with a quick guide for new tires to try or to help drivers get a better understanding of what clay tire to try in what condition.

I'm going to break it down into 3 different options for clay or clay type surfaces, if your track doesn't fit into the categories though please feel free to reach out on our facebook page.

  1. Tracks That Require Treads: in this situation where you are running clay tires, but you need to be on treads give the scribbles front and rear a try first. The rear Scribbles offer the most traction in our lineup and the front scribbles will match the wear pattern the best and are also conveniently offered in 2.2 to match the rear.

  2. Less Aggressive Slicks Tracks: There are certain tracks that may not have that obscene traction, but it's still fastest to run slicks. These are a little strange because you know you still need to be on slicks but they can sometimes feel like they don't have enough grip. In this situation you could use our slicks, but if you want increased traction try the Scribbles front and rear sanded down to slicks for the most traction in what can be an awkward surface situation.

  3. Most Aggressive Slicks Tracks: In the tracks that do have that wild traction or even carpet tracks that require clay slicks, our Chainlink or Crosslink rear sanded down to a slick will provide the most consistency and last longer. The carcass is a little bit thicker and is much easier to drive on said surfaces. For front tires, using a 2.4 2wd front Typo or Chainlink is the best option, when paired with a cut 4wd Evo Foam you can actually tune the front tire, the less you cut off of the foam the wider and smoother the tire will be, or you can cut the foam narrower and make the tire more direct.

Hopefully these options and information can help drivers make more educated tire decisions at their local indoor and outdoor clay tracks.

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